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Welcome to the South Atlanta Tea Party. Please register with us so we can keep you updated. Check out our extensive Video Library!

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Welcome to SATP (South Atlanta TEA Party). If you believe in Limited Government, Free Market Systems, and Fiscal Responsibility, welcome to the resistance, you are officially part of the movement. Now get busy!  We will equip you with allyou need to wake up your friends, family, and neighbors.

SATP is different from our parent organization TEA Party Patriots in one way. We have one more core value and that is preserving our American Heritage. The moral character of this nation is rooted in Judeo-Christian values. Ultimately the first 3 values are irrelevant if we become morally bankrupt. Whether your concerns are fiscal or social, you should feel right at home with us.

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Marty Harbin - Introduction to South Atlanta Tea Party

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If You're Not a Tea Partyer..... Why Not?

All the polls now show that, far from fading away, the phenomenon called the tea party movement is growing, gaining momentum, stature, and political clout every day.

This is particularly amazing when you realize that this “party” has no home base, no national or even titular leader, no billionaire support, and no real coordinating organization. It’s just a rapidly rising and vocal grassroots activist reaction to the same crime that prompted the original American Revolution: taxation without representation.

Monday, 26 Apr 2010 10:08 AM

From NewsMax.comBy: Pat Boone


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